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    I've been a loyal user of the Palm Desktop for my 700p for quite a while now. I don't use the Desktop very often though. I now have Outlook 2007 on my XP Pro PC. Can you guys help me out on any reasons to (or not to) swap over to Outlook? Perhaps things like email problems, easier tasks, ect. I assume that using Outlook will make it easier to eventually swap over to WEBOS.
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    I would say the main thing is if you use Outlook for your email, then your contacts and calender all all together. Outlook has many more features for contacts and calender that Palm Desktop. With the right program, Chapura PocketMirror, you can sync sub-folders from Outlook. Outlook and WebOS are still up in the air. If you want to be sure to have access with the new WebOS, you should go with a web solution like Gmail.
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    It looks like like I'll make the swap to outlook. Do you have any tips on making the swap? I don't want to lose my info. I'll be sure to make a fresh backup with NVBackup.
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    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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    Would it be possible to have Palm Desktop software loaded on two different computers and have one sync using the Palm software and another sync using Outlook. Currently I'm using my home computer w/the Palm software and have all my personal information in that, but was thinking if possible it would be nice to load the software up on my work laptop and be able to use Outlook to sync w/there since that's where all my business appointments are.

    Can this be done w/out loosing any of the information from either source? If so how can I go about doing it? TIA.


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