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    i am new to the treo family. i bought a used 755p off ebay and it did not come with the cd for the sync software. is there any way i can get the software? i have tried to find it on the palm website with no luck. am I just searching for the wrong thing or am I just pretty much out of luck? I use my 755 for personal use but would like to use it for work as a paramedic with some of the drug guides, but need the sync software. if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it.

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    For the support info for the Treo 755p for Sprint

    That same page will take you to the support pages for the other wireless carriers (Telus, VZ and Alltell)

    Download the Palm Desktop and Synchronization software from there...have fun
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    thank you for the help. i guess im blind and wasnt able to find it.

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