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    Is there a way to get different fonts on the Centro?
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    FontSmoother by Alex Pruss
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    I use FontHackV with YAHM, and convert fonts with Pruss' Font Collector app.
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    And I use Fonts4OS5.

    FWIW, I like Tahoma 22 for the normal UI, and Handera 16 for the Gmail and Opera Mini apps.
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    +1 for Fonts4OS5. Works great on my Centro.
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    I got an idea: how about everyone who has a favorite font post a few screenshots of it. That will save everyone the trouble of downloading & trying each one.

    I personally can't live without the Droid Serif font in FontSmoother. I think it makes every program look real sharp & it's very easy to read. I use the 18 point as default just cause I think it fits most app displays nicely without any awkward blank spots

    Here's how it looks in a few programs:

    And I tend to prefer the 16 point version for a few programs that require lots of reading, like Plucker and Blazer:

    Let's see everyone else's faves!
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    Wow, that looks really good.

    Is that the GSM version of the Phone app, or some other phone app?
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    It's TakePhone.

    Here's my default phone app (just cause I'd like to take the opportunity to show off it's beauty, too =] ):
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    Are you using pRevolt to get the styling, FWIW? (And, thanks for the tip on TakePhone.)

    And, what screenshot app are you using (so I can grab a shot of my current font?)
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    I use screendumpda with McPhling (that's the best & easiest DA launcher to use on the Centro, in my opinion)

    There's also a program called snap that's pretty easy to use, it's just a separate program instead of a DA (use the power button as the screenshot activator, it's the only one I could get to work consistantly)

    Then use your email to send the shot to photobucket.

    As for the skinning, I'm using SkinUI with the HTC Shadows skin made by user Old_Hatch, but I believe he has a version for PalmRevolt as well.

    Sorry I'm not linking to anything, I'm mobile- but all 5 downloads I mentioned are easy to find with a Google search. (I know cause I had to re-download most of my apps cause I deleted a few wrong files from too much monkeying with not enough experience =] )
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    I tried using Snap, and couldn't get it working with any buttons (even the power (which is hang up, right?) button,) so thanks for that suggestion, I'll use it later.
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    A lot of people have snap work & not realize it, because the screenshot doesn't show up in Pics & Videos.

    Try going into your email and composing a new message.

    Attach a file (in Versamail it's the paperclip at the top)

    Search files on card. (in Versamail you can narrow it down by type, in this case .bmp)

    If Snap worked correctly, you should find a file with the prefix Snap- and then the date/time it was taken.

    Be sure to click the Add button before you hit OK, or you'll send a blank email.

    Hope this helps.
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    I use FileProg's fonts for most apps.
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    I took the card out and looked in the directory. I actually got it to take a shot of itself once, so I knew I was looking in the right directory.
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    never thought pf changing the font but cool
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    Hi fstopstigmata

    The black background and the clock is very nice. What software is that? How can I get it into my centro?

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    The program is TakePhone, the clock's available on shshsoftware's site as well & the background is from
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    hi fstopstigmata

    I like the black background with the calender and messaging. You mentioned that it is from takephone. Do I have to install takephone to get the black background. YOu also mention the shshsoftware and

    Can you let me know how to install those step by step to get your effect?

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    The general white-on-black theme is Thanks to OLD_HATCH's great SkinUI (,842.html )theme Shadows ( ). The zip file in the link for SkinUI contains 2 versions, make sure you install the version on your Centro. Also, Hotsync SkinUI first, then Hotsync the Shadows skin in a separate sync, sometimes they install incorrectly if you try doing them at the same time.

    The screenshot of the clock is the program Takephone ( ). You can find all kinds of skins here: and all throughout this thread: .

    No, TakePhone is NOT required to get the black theme in the other programs.

    For the phone dialer skin, my wallpaper, and all the battery and signal strength skins, you need to visit , preferably from your phone because, well, it's formatted that way, but also because there are some things that CANNOT be done via Hotsync (although I believe it might just be the alert symbols that work that way). If you do end up using some of phwelo's skins, make sure you donate, or the program will make your phone explode in a blaze of glory, right when your high school crush MMSs you dirty pictures of her and her friends.

    (Sorry this post is a linky-mess, for some reason's not letting me add proper text links this morning.)
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    -(That explosion comment was a joke, in case anyone's gullible enough to believe it. I just strongly support donating to the project =D )
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