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    Hello. I just got my new palm centro yesterday. I am excited to get going with it. I know that there is SO much this little thing is able to do, and I was hoping you all could help me with some tips, etc. The reason I bought this was for internet/email on the fly (times I don't have my laptop with me). I also picked this over other devices because of the organizing ability......i.e; ability to edit spreadsheets, etc.

    Here's what I would be interested in:
    Calendar - potentially syncing to work groupwise. I did enter some things in manually
    Spreadsheets/Word/Notes/Tasks - specifically shopping lists, tracking calories, recipes, workouts, etc
    Music/Games - some fun stuff; I don't however want to spend too much money

    Also, I only signed up for 200 or so text messages. I am not a big texter. Is there a good way though to be able to IM with someone that has a blackberry?

    Thanks in advance........there's a lot out there and it's pretty overwhelming.

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    Welcome to the fold!

    My first advice would be to read the Centro manual, of course. Start using the phone first, and then learn the calendar and contacts. Then move on to web, email, and other stuff.

    Also, read as many threads here as you can. A lot of the info on the Treo forums also applies to the Centro.

    To answer your IM question, my Sprint Centro has an IM app built in.
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    The problem is, that IM app uses text messages.

    Your best bet may well be IM+ or something similar. (I prefer IM+ over even the built-in IM app.) The friend with a Blackberry will need to get an IM app as well, though.

    For the spreadsheets stuff, you do have Documents To Go on your Centro, right? (My Sprint Centro has it in the ROM, anyway...)
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    Handyshopper is a great list maker that you can use for shopping. It can be adapted to track an exercise program, prayer list...there is a user group on Yahoo.

    I agree about Docs 2 Go. It does well at the MS Excel stuff.
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    I have used Splash Shopper over the last few years for shopping (and all kinds of other) lists. Great product. I also use Splash ID for keeping passwords and such safely. You can bundle them and other Splash product in Splash Wallet, but I don't have a need for, so don't use any others.

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    once I got the centro my wife I made her read the whole manual lol read that thing
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    great post thanks.
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    Applications such as Mundu do not use text messages; they use data.

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