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    Suddenly tonight my 650 is freaking out! When I turn it on, the screen flashes on and goes dark (not really off) repeatedly, like there is a short or something. It seems like it flashes on and then goes not totally off but just very very very dark. Like a strobe almost. I've reset, pulled the battery out, etc. and nothing is working. I checked my battery in a friend's Treo and it works fine. I can't imagine what Sprint store will charge me to look at it/fix it (and I don't want to be buying a new phone yet). Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Update: Now after a day of doing this, it is basically entirely no backlight. I can faintly see the items on the screen and the Treo seems to work otherwise, but what's the deal on the backlight? Has anyone had this happen? Is it an easy fix for Sprint to do (I have the insurance) and how long should/does it take them to fix it (or will they try to charge me the deductible for a refurb)? Thanks!
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    Hi TheTreoGuy, Iím Erin, a Sprint-Nextel techsupport rep. There are a number of options. If the phone is less than 30 days old, call the Defective Phone Team at (877)697-9584 and theyíll get you a brand new one. If the phone is less than 1 year old, you can go through the manufacturerís warranty either directly with Palm at (813)313-4919, or at an authorized Sprint repair center which you can locate at wwwdotsprintdotcom, or with Sprint at (888)211-4727. If you have your phone repaired at a repair center, charges may vary but will not be more than the replacement cost. If you have your phone replaced over the phone through the Advance Exchange program, we will ship you a refurbished phone and then you ship your old phone back. If you donít have TEP, the charge to replace any PDA device is $55. Of course, if you have the service and repair plan, which is included in the Total Equipment Protection (TEP) through Assurion, there is no charge to repair or replace the phone either at a repair center or through Advance Exchange. If the phone is over 1 year old, and you donít have TEP, you can still have your phone repaired or replaced at a repair center or through the Advance Exchange, but charges may vary.

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