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    what program needs to be installed on a Centro to open and play a .wmv file? i tried opening a .wmv file that was emailed to me and it said no applications were installed that would open it. i do have kinoma.
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    I think PTunes.
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    Has anyone tried to access a .wmv file with Blazer? Just wondering if that will launch kinoma to view the file...
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    it will depend upon which codec was used for the wmv. Some are capable of being decoded with the little processor that is available on a smartphone. Some are not.
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    Try TCPMP or get software to re-encode to it.
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    I found a file that Kinoma would stream via the web. I was able to save it to my SD card. Then when I tried to open it using Blazer, Kinoma started but it said "unsupported format" and did not play the movie. So I guess Kinoma can't be tricked into opening files on the SD card...
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    You can get the free version on Kinoma and try to open it.

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