Well after 2 long years I finally made the leap from my trusty treo 700p to a new 755p this week, yea. Well yea until I tried to make a call from my jabra 500v headset while my phone was cradled in a Seidio G4700X car kit. This car kit worked great with my 700 - if I was listening to music and my phone rang, somehow the jabra knew to take over priority over the headset jack/kit for the call until I hung up. When I tried that call today using the 755, the headset dropped the call just before it started to ring and instead it was routed through the car kit. Which is fine if all I wanna do is check vm messages, not carry on a conversation. The kit does come with a mic for complete hands-free driving, unfortunately I had so many complaints from friends about the echoes and static that I just gave up and stuck with the jabra.

I'm stumped as to why it all worked just fine with the 700 and now won't work with the 755. I don't remember clicking any boxes or selecting any special settings in order for the headset to work while using the headset jack and/or kit. Any ideas? I do have both Butler and Volume Care - went through each of the programs looking for a clue but alas, nothing.

If someone could help me figure this one out I would be so grateful.