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    From the screen show that I saw the Phone app on the Pre is very primitive.

    Any thoughts on porting TakePhone to the Pre?
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    Anyone else interested in this?
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    Personally, I'm glad the Pre phone app keeps things simple rather than overcomplicating them.

    That being said, I think it'd be a good idea to wait and see what features the Pre's phone app is actually missing for you and other TakePhone users before anything else. It would be a waste of time for ShSh if he ported over the application and we later found that it already does most of those features.
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    I believe I read somewhere that Shimon thought there may be an opportunity for TAKEphONE & but wasn't sure about 2day. it was right after the Pre intro. Like so many other developers he was waiting on more details.

    If you go over to the site you'll find
    where they interviewed Shimon about his thoughts on the Pre.I

    Regardless, 'm sure he'll chime in & give you his thoughts.

    Good Luck
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    Hi all,

    As said above - I am very excited about the Pre - looks like a GREAT device, and GREAT OS.

    I am looking forward to receiving more details on the device itself - its built-in apps, and the SDK, to see what I can build for it.
    Shimon Shnitzer
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    Goodness. Now just a couple of others and a serious thought emerges.

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