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    I've deleted a few small files that have made my Centro act kinda goofy, not damaged, but bothersome. Like my charger connect/disconnect sounds, key click sounds, and system alert warning sounds have all defaulted to different ones. And I installed MiniBar which for some ridiculous reason makes YouTube videos silent in Blazer, even after MiniBar's been deleted. Plus I did something that makes the corner alert bell not display. I guess that's what I get for goofing with my files so much =]

    Anyway, I want to do a hard reset and add everything I want to keep from scratch. But I want to be able to sync just certain things like my contacts and memos back, cause it'd be a giant pain to do it manually.

    I thought that maybe I could change my HotSync User Name and then use Palm Desktop to transfer the info I want from the old name to the new? Is that doable? But then if I do that, the programs I've paid for & registered won't work since my username is different, and I'm afraid that some developers won't allow the transfer.

    What do you recommend??
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    search for instructions on syncing to a new phone. There are plenty of threads on that. Essentially what you want to do is rename your backup folder and sync the phone. Your PIM will still get synced but that will be it.
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    yep that above.

    I just cut the contents out of my backup folder and the paste them into an appropriately named folder on my desktop. Hard reset then reinstall only those programs I want from the backup folder on my desktop.
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    Just an FYI for anyone interested:

    I did a hotsync then I went into the app backup folder (& found that it saved a copy of every program I ever hotsynced =/ ) and deleted everything but the apps I knew I still wanted to keep. you should be safe to delete anything that you are unsure of (I had a few of the little files that stay even after you delete a program) because of the next step:

    do a hard reset. This will re-install all the little files you may have accidentally deleted.

    Then do another hotsync & make sure you choose the same username, that way you won't have to go thru any hassle of re-registering any apps.

    No new folders, no new username, very simple & now I have all my sounds& alerts back & YouTube videos play fine again.

    Hope this helps someone.
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