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    I have an BT device in my Treo that I just can't seem to delete. I've used a product before to remove devices from my T5, BTcachED, but it won't run on my Treo.

    Are there any other products that I could use that will clean up the BT cache?


    Daryl Rose
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    On my 700p there are 3 of them:

    Bluetooth Device Cache
    Bluetooth Trusted Devices
    Bluetooth Prefs Backup

    I usually do this whenever I add a new bluetooth headset to my fone. You have to select each file and I think you have to turn off the attributes that prevent them from being deleted. Then delete them. Basically the OS will recreate these again. Kinda like the messages database.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR: BACKUP WITH NVBACKUP before you start mucking with this stuff and all other bluetooth devices (I have an A2DP device as well as headset) have to be set up again. Good luck

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