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    I've been using Flight Status for years & love it. I am using what I believed to be the latest version - 2.03, yet yesterday, each time I accessed the program, I got a message saying I was using an outdated version & should go to to download the latest version. Well, in the program itself is an option to "get latest version", but when I tried that, it told me I WAS using the latest version! A visit to Andrew's website didn't even show version 2.03! It's still showing 2.02! What is going on here?
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    I just sent an email to Andrew asking about it. I will let you know what reply I get.

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    Thanks GH - I did the same. Hope we hear about it.
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    Me too.

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    Please post when you guys find out something. I'm out of town and somewhat out of touch.

    Here's a question. Assuming things get back to normal, as we now able to update FlightStuatus OTA or do we still have to download the file to our PC/laptop then sync?

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    i get the message too but it still works.
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    Same here; after the new install mine says v2.03, but on the Info tab of the home page it says V1.0. Yet it all seems to work.

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    Mine still works as well.
    Good Luck
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    Mine still works, but it's a pain having that screen come up each time saying you're using an outdated version! Haven't gotten any reply from Andrew yet.
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    Well, I guess no one has heard from Andrew. I wonder if he's abandoned this program? Quite a pain having that message come up every time, but at least - it still works. Of course - it would be great if he updated it - there's some airlines that are not yet included. Oh well...
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    I also didn't get a reply but I don't think my email ever went through.

    I think I have a replacement - has a travel section that works the same as flightstatus. You might want to try it.

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    Thanks George - I know about m.keytoss- and I've used it - only problem is - Flight Status is MUCH quicker - you don't have that long gap as the Treo connects to the internet!
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    I guess as long as it still works, I'm OK.
    Hopefully Andrew will update. I sure hope when he does, he adds 5-way nav funtion. We've been asking for this as far back as the app's debut.
    Great app.
    Good Luck
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    The nag screen is not THAT bad.


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