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    I have used the HP 200LX for about 5 years but it has been discontinued. Unfortunately my 2 are showing signs of wear. The Visor has been recommended to me as a replacement palmtop.

    I use the appointment, phone, calculator, data base, e-mail, Pocket Quicken (4 seperate checking accounts)features on the 200LX. Does the Visor have all of these capabilities. And if so, what model would best suit my needs?

    Thank You!

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    The Visor platform will suit your needs very well. When I went looking for a palmtop, I considered the Windows CE models since I use Windows at home and work. However, they were too expensive. The palm platform is simple and elegant.
    The Visor platform appealed to me when I bought it over a year ago because of the Backup module. If you are on a business trip or vacation and away from your PC, you can restore your information in case the batteries die or an application causes a hard reset to be perfomed.
    Now we have interfaces to the major Window apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, and Access.

    I use Pocket Quicken 2.0 and it works well.

    You can download trials of all the major software to make sure it fits your needs.

    If you need a palmtop right now, get the Visor Deluxe. They are reduced in price. Then wait and see what the new models offer.
    You can then keep the VDX around as a backup in case your new model gets toasted.
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    Originally posted by Dave Fisher
    I use the appointment, phone, calculator, data base, e-mail, Pocket Quicken
    Through 3rd party apps, yes.

    Datebook: the stock Datebook will probably suit your needs, but there are 3rd party datebooks that contain incredible functionality, namely Datebook4 and Action Names.

    Phone: Again, the stock contacts app will probably do it, but Action Names adds functionality, as does some other software. And if you sync to something other than Outlook, there are 3rd party solutions to adding info from virtually any desktop app.

    Calculator: The visor comes with a basic and advanced calculator that covers the basic functions of math, finance, conversions, and a few more. There are also, again, advanced calcs.

    Data base: That too, but 3rd party here. I like ThinkDB2 myself, it is easy to use, has a clean interface, and can sync to the desktop. There are others, but I don't know much about 'em, TDB2 does it for me.

    Email: Are we talking wireless or syncing from the desktop? Either way, you're covered. Eudora makes a great internet suite including a text-only browser (FAST) and a nice email app. If you need to view attachments, I hear MultiMail can do it for you.

    Pocket Quicken: Yep. Landware makes an excellent app called Pocket Quicken 2.01, and there are others.

    and you didn't mention it, but...

    Sync with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc using either one or several apps. For word, I (and most) like Wordsmith. There is Tinysheet for Excel, or you can use QuickOffice to do both. Finally, Documents to go has an all-in-one solution for Word, excel, PPT, Email, and PDFs.

    Plus there are thousands (or now I suppose tens of thousands) of other apps that will work. I second that you should look into the backup module. As for which model of a visor, the Vdx is cheap, the Plat fast, the Edge thin, and the Prism color. You'll have to decide where your priorities lie.
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