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    A few years ago, I used Causerie and got frustrated that when a background IM popped up, it would sit there until explicitly dismissed. So I wrote a little hack that'd look for the popup and tap the cancel button after a few seconds for me, so when I came back there was an alert waiting in the Attention Manager and all was good.

    Well, fast foward a few years and I'm not using Causerie anymore. I used Toccer for a while, but it was too crashy, and I ended up buying a copy of Mundu IM. What I didn't like about it was that in addition to the IM popups hanging around forever like in Causerie, Mundu IM didn't use the Attention Manager either, so I couldn't dismiss the dialog and later tap on the blinking * to see if there were any messages waiting.

    I had some free time and dusted off my old code to clear the IM popups, and added a little hack to hook into the Attention Manager. It should (does for me!) time out incoming Mundu IM popups, and after doing so add an entry to the Attention Manager which you can tap on to launch Mundu IM.

    I wrote it mostly for myself, but if anyone else wants to try it, I've posted it on my website. If it works, great. If not, let me know and maybe I'll even have time to figure out why.
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    Thanks for the contribution. I've always hated that mundu doesn't interact with the attention manager. I'll try it out and see how it works.
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    So far this is working great on my VZW Centro. Absolutely love it.

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