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    Last night I typed in a bunch of dates for meetings in my Calendar. I then hit the hotsync button. Hotsync completed with no errors. Later on my palm centro I checked and the dates were not on my palm. This morning I checked and the dates were still on desktop so I synced again. They didn't show up on the palm again. I checked to make sure in hotsync manager that I had them sync not doing something else. Sure enough they are set to sync datebook. So I synced again and this time they synced. Does anyone have an explination?
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    I know this is stating the obvious but check your Calendar preferences on your device. Maybe something is checked that shouldn't be or not checked that should be.
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    also on your view on your handheld is it possible you only had one view opened? IE catagories... only showing personal for example or doctors apps etc instead of "all"?
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    Thanks all I will check maybe I could have done either one. It is working now though.

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