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    My wife has a 755p that has ticked lick a clock for the last year. It has run perfectly which is great because it is her first smartphone. However- over the last two days it is showing multiple signs that it needs a hard reset- badly. (You cant even call up the dial pad with the phone hard button anymore and contacts search is all screwed up)

    She has nothing installed, and does PIM/email synching with exchange so contacts and email are no concern. The catch is that she is very concerned about her high scores on bejeweled.

    She is set up to do hotsyncing at work (she never does though)- will a simple hotsync restore her bejeweled scores after the hard reset? If not- what is the best way to preserve them?

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    If possibe, install NVBackup (freeware) - make a full backup to memory card - then do hard reset - then do a SELECTIVE RESTORE -

    that way, you can restore just what is needed, and keep the scores.

    Good luck
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    yep or if you have a bluetooth enabled laptop or desktop you can send that file to yourself.

    You will need to either install filez (free) or Resco Explorer (free trail) to get to it but you could try that.
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    Then... sorry I didnt mention this.. once youve hard reset, you can send it back to the 755
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