Just recently started using magicaldesk.com as another online free email service. In addtion to email, they provide an online calander for scheduling appointments and contacts, etc. They have a beta software in the works which you can try that supposedly synchs your palm calender to the online one. Has anyone tried this, and if so, does it actually work? I was tempted to try it, but it requires palm desktop 3.1 and I'm running the original from Handspring which I think is 3.0 something.

In relation to this, has handspring announced any upgrades to the desktop program to 3.1? I thought palm had, but thought I heard some people were having problems upgrading. At the time I was thinking "if it aint broke, don't fix it" so just left my desktop program alone. However, I would attempt to upgrade if synching to this online service works well.

Any comments appreciated.