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    I wanted to post this...and hope others will add their thoughts and experiences. I have service through Sprint and have the 1.10 update applied on each phone.

    I have two Treo 700p's, and have tried three different Class 6 16GB SDHC cards. The Adata and Transcend cards have generally worked without a hitch, although my Transcend card mysteriously stopped working (as in totally died) after 7 months of no issues at all.

    However, I recently purchased two 16GB Patriot Class 6 cards, and both have the same problems in both Treos, which suggests a compatibility issue. The Patriot cards are very slow to mount and often require multiple insertions, and then are prone to unmount mid-task. When I run CardSpeed on them, they are about 30-40% slower than the Adata read speeds, and crash after running one test, requiring a reinsertion. The Adata card handles multiple CardSpeed runs, and mounts and stays mounted, without issue.

    I have formatted the Patriot cards using both Windows XP and the Panasonic SD Card Formatter with the same results, and issues.

    I have seen other forum posts where people have used these cards, and I haven't seen these issues mentioned. But I have the same issues with two cards on two Treo 700p's, and I can't see any other reason for it besides a card problem, at least at this point.

    I've been in communication with Patriot's tech support staff over the past several days about this, but at this point, at least, they don't have an answer as to what the issue(s) might be.

    I should also add that I've now tried a Kingston 16GB Class 4 card, which has comparable read speeds to the Adata Class 6 cards in the 700p at around 3200bps per VFSMark and Cardspeed. The 32-bit write speeds were even better through the first several VFSMark cycles, but then mysteriously dropped way back, from around 400bps to less than 20bps. Weird. The card seems to work alright in play/copy mode in my SDHC read/writer.
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    Ive got an AData 16GB and I love it. Not sure if that helps or not. Just my $.02
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