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    I tried to reactivate my Treo 650 through Verizon and was unsucessful. They stated that I cannot since the symbol EV is not on my phone. We did a hard reset and made sure my numbers on the setup using #*#000000# we correct. They stated that I would have to purchase a new phone. Was unable to update phone with *228 then 1. Any way to get the EV on my phone so that I may use it again?
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    I know there is no way to make the 650 have EVDO (what the EV would mean), Verizon and Sprint's high speed internet, but I don't know why they are requiring that. Go into a company store and ask them to activate it. I'm not sure if the 650 has aGPS, but that's more the reason they're not activating it. aGPS is what shows your approximate location if you should dial 911. I know they aren't activating phones because of that.
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