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    Anyone use these??? Do they work???? Are they worth it????
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    They have certainly caught my eye, but I never made the purchase. I'm curious to see if others have experiences to share. Since I've moved from a TX and Cell phone the interest has faded a bit, but I also have a Bluetooth earpiece and a Sansa MP3 player I usually carry. Packing all my cables in a big ziplock bag for vacations is a nightmare - actually unplugging and re-plugging is what really stinks.
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    I have a car charger and an "emergency" charger (Takes two AA batteries)

    They have worked flawlessly and seem to be of decent quality.

    Available exclusively at Radio Shack or online.

    And Yes the A97 tip works for the 800w. I have one for my phone...

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    I've used IGo Juice for years. I love having everything in one pack. I can charge my laptop, treo and headset all at the same time. Same setup for the car. An also a small little cig adapter to just charge the treo and headset in the car.

    I carry 5 tips with me in case I need to charge something else. Treo, USB Mini, USB F, Magellan, Kindle, and PSP. I don't have to worry about finding room for extra wall warts.

    It does tend to be a bit heavier then just the plain laptop adapter. But it makes up for it with everything in just one case
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    As an iGo user for over 6 years, I can say they are great.

    I even have a MagSafe Adapter to go with my Treo 680 adapter. The MagSafe Adapter is via a third party ( and easily connects to the iGo everywhere130.

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    <p>I used the IGo for a while for my 755p but it charged MUCH slower than the other chargers so I gave it to my son. Nice to have multiple tips but I want a quick charge</p>
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    I keep one in my suitcase for all my travels. It charges my cell, laptop and GPS. I used it on planes that have outlet at the seats, in my car and in the hotel.
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    I used it when I had a Z31 and bought a new tip when I got my centro. I have it at work and it seems to charge fast to me.
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    I love the concept and want to buy one for my z9i headset but they don't offer it as yet. As popular as this is, I would think it would be a nobrainer to provide a tip for this headset
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    do not buy the iGO, they do not stay plugged in to your device very well.
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    I've gotta totally disagree about holding good in the device. I've used mine on 5 different devices and they've all been great.

    I've had the iGo for a while now and love it. I have the Sprint charger for my phone and it's already broke, so I got the iGo tip and it holds in the socket tighter and charges quicker.

    Best part is when you get a new phone or device you only spend $10 on the new tip, you don't have to buy a whole nother charger to lug around and get tangled up.
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    Cool I will have to try this out.
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    I use a Targus charger for my laptop which is a re branded iGo (or vice-versa). I have a couple of cigarette lighter chargers and various accessories. Good quality, no issues.

    BTW, if anyone wants an iGo tip for a Treo/Centro, PM me. I have one I will mail you. I have no use for them now.
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    I totally disagree. I had an iGo car charger for my Centro and it was complete crap. the coiled spring like cord kept causing the the thing to come apart where the charger connects to the tip. Additionally, the connector didn't seem to fit into the Centro as good as OEM. I'd give you mine if I still had it.

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