I am trying to duplicate (exactly and without weird glitches) the environment
of my (physically) damaged 680 on a new 680. I have Resco backuppro, but as far as I can tell (which could be not very far), it makes no provision for keeping or copying over the contents of "BuiltIn(A" as distinct from those of the RAM volume generally, and I don't know whether this matters. I do gather that the stuff in PALM_DM might be important, but BuiltIn(A BLAZER contains a multitude of useless files that I'm nevertheless afraid to delete, and there are a plethora of other files (in A, that just seem to be duplicates of ones that are already present in (the non-partitioned part) of RAM. I also have ZLauncher, and am wondering whether it may end up complicating matters. (Could it have affected ROM, or is ROM *really* read-only?) And what about RAM files (Like AddrcountriesDB) that show up in gray as hidden?
I know from one previous migration attempt (on a tungsten) that disregarding these hidden features results in catastrophes, so if someone could give me a clear explanation of what does and does not need to be copied over to the replacement 680, I'd be extremely grateful.