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    I've recently started using Mobipocket for reading eBooks, which is working fine. I realized I didn't have a dictionary installed, and then noticed that most of the ones I found online were rather pricey. I found a free version of Webster's dictionary on Project Gutenberg, but it's in txt format and Mobipocket can't read it...or at least I am not doing something correctly.

    So, does anyone know:

    1. Where to get a free eBook dictionary in Mobipocket-friendly format
    2. How to get Mobipocket to read txt files
    3. A better free ereader to use instead of Mobipocket?

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    3. Plucker viewer - old but does everything I need, and many Gutenberg texts are already in Plucker format. Really nice scrolling/reading/fonts.
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    Noah Pro from is another option. It's a stand alone Dictionary for Palm OS and is now free.

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