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    Which is recommended for the Centro, Opera Mini or Opera Mobile? I had Opera Mini on my previous (non-smart) phone and it worked fine for the sites I needed to visit. I don't need Java, if that makes a difference.
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    There's only Opera Mini on Centro and you do need Java for it. It is somewhat unstable but with the recent releases has become pretty usable, especially with the mobile view enabled.
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    In my experience, Opera Mini is barely usable. With light use, I found I had to remove the battery every other day to reset the phone after Opera locked it up. I went back to Blazer. It's a POS, but it doesn't screw up the phone ... very often.
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    Actually, I think Blazer is OK if you have FontSmoother installed. I do use opera, however for sites like Engadget, because it shows the full version of the site and not a mobile one like Blazer. To help prevent crashes and freezes, set the memory parameters properly in JVM and dont hit "Stop" or any hardware keys while the page is loading.
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    yeah i just got opera last night, its buggy as crap, any suggestions for updating it or java to stablize it?
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    It's actually not that Opera Mini itself is buggy, it's that IBM J9 is a festering turd of a JVM.

    To truly stabilize it, you'll need to write your own JVM. Enjoy, by the time you're done, Centros will be in museums.

    Anyway, take a look at the "Opera Mini Alternative" section here:

    That'll at least make it almost usable, but it'll still crash like crazy.
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    Just seconding that remark about the JVM.

    If there were only bugs in Opera, then it might generate errors in the JVM. Under no circumstances should any application on a properly-written JVM be able to crash the host device (in this case the Treo/Centro).

    Since we observe such crashes, it is clear that the JVM is at least part of the problem, if not 100% of it.
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    The new 4.2 version works alot better than 4.1 did. So far no lockups or crashes with the new version...
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    None... the words Opera and Palm are on opposite ends of a stick with palm getting the upper hand thus the guranteed crash on the second or third page of viewing on Opera..
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    Opera won't crash at all if you go into the menu and clear cache every few pages you load... but that was enough of an annoyance to still make me delete it.

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