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    I have a gen 1 sprint Centro with the latest firmware. About two weeks ago, web browsing slowed to a crawl with frequent "Data Timed Our" errors.

    Spent and hour on the phone with Sprint yesterday and after reprovsioning my data connection several times, the web is still slow - like 7k every 20 seconds slow.

    Strangely, it's just in Blazer that I see the slow down. Pocktunes and email is as speedy as ever.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I have cleared all cookies and caches and done a warm and soft reset.

    Many thanks!
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    Could it be a network problem? I remember Joey/Mickey on the last TCPJ podcast mentioning there were problems with data speeds on sprint a couple of weeks ago (unless I misheard).
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    This is getting a bit better, but still dead slow with "data timeout" errors most of the time. Anyone else having this problem?

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    My Palm Centro started doing the exact same thing around Christmas. The problem has gotten worse with many Data Timeout errors. A call to Sprint didn't help. Any suggestions?
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