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    Ok.. I'll make this as brief as possible. Here's what I think happened:

    - currently own/use a Treo 680 (unlocked gsm version)
    - previously (2yrs ago) owned a Treo 650 (unlocked Cingular/Tmobile version)
    - had a hacked firmware for the 650 laying around on an SD card
    - was perusing contents of several sd cards w/ the 680
    - inserted the 650 firmware card into the 680
    - it launched
    - it installed
    - while the phone appears to have 680 software (in particular, the bottom tabbed phone app which was new on the 680), Phone Info lists the Software version as: Treo650-1.20-ENA.
    - now if I try to install the latest Treo 680 firmware update from Palm's site, it won't install because it says that it's not compatible w/ my phone. I assume it's looking at the S/W version and thinking I'm trying to install on a 650.

    Since this happened, my battery life (on a big fat seido battery) has gone down the tubes (have to charge every day).

    Any idea how I can fix this? Palm tech support lovingly told me that my phone was ruined. :/ Not quite, it functions, just not as well as it should.

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    I'd try a new re-install off CD. Unfortunately, I don't know if CD is downloadable in the wild, may need to borrow one from another 680 owner if you don't have it. I lost my original and had to buy another about 18 months ago, seems it was about $20 plus shipping - the delay/downtime bugged me more than the $ at the time.
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    There are a bunch of 'optimized' 680 ROM images floating around this forum with extensive documentation on methods of burning them into ROM. Have you tried one of them? (The ones that strip out Versamail and extra help languages and such...)

    Try this link
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    Sounds like only the ROM tokens were updated, you could probably fix this simply by rewriting the Product name, version and carrier tokens to your phone.

    Install just the ROMUpdater.prc (from a 680 ROM updater) onto your phone, or run it from an SD card.
    Type the following commands at the prompt :
    wt prnm "Treo 680"
    wt revn 2.11
    wt crnm ROW
    You can then run the official ROM update from Palm.
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    I had exactly the same problem. Thank you SeTes for asking, and tomtastic for answering!

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