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    I'm planning to purchase the first house in my life... ready to set up my HOME, SWEET HOME~

    I'm currently using Treo650, would like to have a nice software to keep records of details of the houses I viewed, e.g. the address, size, notes, etc. And be able to do a quick (and nice, if possible) comparison between the houses.

    Any recommendations?

    btw, any great software to compare different mortgage plans? I tried TriLoan, but somehow it doesn't work well on my treo...

    Thank you all & Merry Christmas!
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    Sorry, don't have any programs to help with comparing homes, but here's a great mortgage calculator, hope it helps.
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    This is pretty rudimentary, but can't you set up a spreadsheet in Docs to Go with features, number of bdrms, etc.?
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    HanDBase is one option. The have lots of user submitted templates, and I'd bet there is one for house hunting, or you can design one yourself.

    (sorry, my newb post count won't let me post a link)
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    I second the docs to go. I use excel at every opportunity, though.

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