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    I had a pink palm centro but traded it for my mothers red centro however my problem is that my red centro will not go past the "calender or date book" during the hot sync process. I have not had this problem with the pink one and i dont want to wipe out the red one before i am able to back up the pics on it. When I try to cancel the hot sync I end up having to do a ctrl alt del to end the program and it tells me once it has closed the is has recovered from a crash. I am using windows vista basic. I just dont understand.
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    You might have a corrupted database or two. download a trial of dbfixit or tealscan, they'll tell you if you have a problem that needs to be remedied.
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    Hello thehessers,
    do a search (try doing a search of posts by me, lyrictenor1) as this has been discussed a couple times in the recent past.

    for me, it was a bad database...
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    Here's the discussion about which I was speaking:

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