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    Question for all you Java users:

    I wonder it if you guys and gals have any info on this. I have installed a product called ScanLife which can read 2D barcodes (Sprint just put some information out on this and btw works pretty slick - I have it on my 755p and it works well), but there are a few different 2D barcode readers which can read QR or Datamatrix codes - they seem to work on phones that have Java on them.

    So my question is, is the Java that is used with mini opera 4.2 - would you know if that Java will work with any other applications or is it just for mini opera.

    The "other 2D barcode reader" that I am interested in installing on my phone is made by inigma? their site mobile site is - their non mobile site is dot com.

    Edited: does not work with PalmOS

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