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    Any recent feedback on using Telenav? I am currently in the 30 day trial with a 755p and Freedom GPS receiver. It is a little slow sometimes to re-route if I miss a turn but other than that it seems to be working well.

    I am really trying to decide between this and a stand alone GPS unit. Any input is appreciated.
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    I tried telenav, delorme street atlas and garmin mobile xt and settled on garmin. Telenav would reset my 680 at times and would make my gps unit (freedom keychain unit) unresponsive for other gps applications. Street atlas was a hassle trying to get new areas mapped prior to trips and only had an overhead 2-D view. Garmin comes on its own SD card with maps of all the CONUS, although it can be transferred to a stock SD card if you have one with enough space after a bit of finagaling. Garmin doee the turn by turn well and sits politely in the background too.

    I'd stay with the Freedom, but give the Garmin a try if you not satisfied with Telenav. (There's also no recurring fee with Garmin...)
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    I use Telenav all the time on my 680 without any major problems. I can even run Ptunes in the background while Telenav is running.

    I really like being able to input my destination addresses via the web. Then I hope in the car and the address gets downloaded over the air.
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    I used Telenav from the 700p through the Centro and never had any problems. It is still the most current as far as maps, and they have an extremely active development team.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Telenav seems to work well and the integration with the Treo is great. A couple of problems I am having with it:

    - The volume is too low to use on the highway. This one is fixable by plugging in a wired headset.

    - You can't be on a call and running Telenav in the background. I gather this is a limitation of the Palm OS plus CDMA carriers inability do handle voice and data simultaneously.

    - When a call does end, you have to start the app over from scratch, I had hoped it would resume on its own. That is how it works on a BB Curve. Again, a multi-tasking OS would fix this.

    Maybe the next Palm OS will fix these things.

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