According to records when I logged in, my last login was 03/15/2005 at 03:58 AM. That was the time that T-Mobile USA sent me the Treo 600. Here's what has transpired since 2005:
  1. T-Mobile unlocked my Treo 600 (Winter 2005)
  2. My Treo 600 goes with me to Philippines in May-June 2006
  3. MirandaSoft & I move to Philippines in October 2006. All Palm Software Development and Repair Services moved, also.
  4. I gave My Treo 600 from T-Mobile, to my uncle, in Philippines (October 2006)

Though I gave my Treo 600 to my uncle, I still had the Palm T|X, to do my software development. The reason as to why I gave my uncle the Treo 600 is, I purchased the Nokia N70 smartphone in May 2006.

My Uncle got confused on the Treo 600 and gave it to his adult son's family. Note, the Treo 600 was working...

A few days ago, I recovered my first Treo 600.. It is dead! Casing has lots of damage. SIM tray broken with SIM left inside. Charger connector has severe damage. The screw covers are missing. It looks like the unit has been opened! My first Treo 600 is no longer operational!

I pulled out my Treo 600 Service Manual, which I purchased from Palm, Inc., in San Jose, California (USA). I got my tools out from my tool chest, and my computer table became my workbench.

In a matter of minutes, my 1st Treo 600 was in pieces. I removed the LCD and keyboard from the main board. I tested the battery with my industrial Maha charger and reconditioner. Battery is tested OK!

Using the Maha charger and clips, I charged the battery to full charge. After unclipping it, I installed it back onto the main board. I attempted Power Up, but no signs of life. My Fluke 75 Digital Multimeter was used to search for any life.

After 4 hours of servicing, I have classifed my first Treo 600 as a fatality, setting it for parts for another Treo 600.

The next day, I got an offer for another Treo 600 for PHP3000 (US $64.24). It included a charger. The Treo 600, nicknamed by MirandaSoft, as Treo 600 #2, is fully operational with minor LCD surface damage (no pixels out!).

Treo 600 #2 had a rebooting issue when "Wireless Mode" was enabled. No problem to me, because fixing that is simple. Hard Reset, three times in a row. That was the instruction from Palm's hardware engineering department in 2005. After 3 hard resets, the Treo 600 #2 maintained stable.

After arriving home, I took about Treo #2 to diagnose Treo #1. Within 30 minutes, I got Treo 600 #1 working! I had to do a RFI ZAP with my radio equipment (I'm an Amateur Radio Operator).

End Result: Happy Moment! I now have two working Treo 600 smartphones.

The BIG Question: Should I restore my 2006 Backup of my Treo 600 before I gave it to my uncle, or should I start over from scratch?

Due to MirandaSoft's 1997 Policy, everything is backed up. Ever since I got my Treo 600 from T-Mobile USA in Early 2005, I frequently backed up my Treo 600. And, now I was looking over my CD archives... I have about 100 backups of my Treo 600, from early 2005 to late 2006.

Restoring my Treo 600 from a late 2006 backup will mean my data and software are two years old. That will be a BIG mess to deal with. For over a year, I've been using my Tungsten T, which has my up-to-the-minute data. Migrating from Tungsten T to Treo 600 may or may not be an easy task. Why? If one system file on the Treo 600 gets corrupted, the Treo 600 will no longer be stable (reboots or not power on).

Though I have my flasher software, to flash Treo 600 phones, my USB data cable is missing! I could build a cable, but since I'm in Philippines, I'm least likely to find the parts I need.

My wife was surprised that I used Treo 600 #2 to repair Treo 600 #1. I told her that I needed a "reference model." That's back in my electronic technician days...

Now, I have my "Palm OS Software Development CD" sitting on my table, however, those are Windows XP programs, and in 2006, I moved away from Microsoft products to Apple Mac OS X and Linux, permanently. My original theory for Treo 600, and any Palm OS device was:
  1. Check for any available program to do the task
  2. If no program is available, then I just make one to accomplish the task at hand.

Well, there it is... I am MirandaSoft, and MirandaSoft embraces Treo 600, once again. I am so happy that didn't remove my account.

Have a Nice day, Everybody!