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    Hello all.
    After many tries and looking for software and cables I have made my serial cable using this much of componenets:
    1uf electrolitic cap
    2 1k resistors
    2 10k resistors
    multiconnector from a T5 synch cable
    DB9 female connector
    Total cost aprox 30 bucs.

    Software that could read my SPC > CDMA Workshop.
    Datasheets: (Page 21 Fig. 11)

    The max233 datasheet is pretty simple. Just follow it. The resistors are not listed in the above datasheet, I got that idea from another person.
    1k resistor go from pins 2,3 to +5v, 10k resistors go from pins 2,3 to GND. That is it.

    Software used to get SPC > CDMA Workshop.
    I used this cable to reprogram my 700p from Sprint to Iusacell.
    EVDO working 100%, tv, youtube and all.

    omg image to post ratio limitation

    Hope it helps.
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    You can also use pl2303, just buy any usb-serial phone dongle and cut off/desolder the connector

    max232 I use it for sat testing
    6b 6f 63 6f 6d 61 6e 20 6f 66 20 63 64 6d 61 2d 64 65 76 2d 74 65 61 6d

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