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    I posted about this a while ago with limited response. I have a UK Centro and whenever I receive MMS messages with attached pictures they are always less than a quarter of the screen in size, regardless of the original size.

    I had a 650 previously and only experienced this problem on transferring the SIM card to my Centro. I can even send myself a 320x320 picture and it will arrive less than half the size.

    Surely i'm not the only one experiencing this?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Have you established what the size of the received image is on your phone? Maybe it's reduced in size by your carrier to conserve bandwidth.
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    What is your carrier? I ask because this is how it works on Sprint:
    You get a text message that contains a web link to your new picture message. The picture displays smaller when you click the link & open it in Blazer (about 1/4 of the screen size) but there's a 'download to device' link that will download a full-screen version to your 'Pics & Videos' library. (Which brings me to a personal rant about how it auto-crops thw image to a square orientation.. but I'll leave that for another time ;-) )
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    I'm with O2, but I don't get a link with the image it simply arrives small. When i save it to Pics & Videos its still small. When I send a large image from my Centro to myself, it arrives small.

    I phoned O2 and they insist they don't reduce the sizes of images & this seems confirmed by the fact that my Treo 650 received pics at full size every time.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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