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    Just received an e-mail saying that PowerPoint slides are viewable in three different formats. It looks like you can view the slides as is (graphics too). They also announced that formulas can now be added to spreadsheets on the handheld. Also something about supporting external media (hope it's my MemPlug). I knew they'd come around.

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    Yeah, I spent money on the upgrade (I wish it had been cheaper than $29.95). In addition to Slide Show to Go, you can now edit functions in Sheets to Go (a complaint that a lot of people had) and you can sync on multiple computers now (another complaint that lots of people had). Their ads say that you can edit more formulas (110) than any other comparable product.

    Slide Show to Go (the PowerPoint program and the only enhancement that I have tried out) works pretty good on my Plat. I would love to see what the image quality was like on a Prism. Some of the images look really great but some look strange. It may just be viewing color images on a black and white device. The three views are the text of the slides without graphics, notes attached to the slides, and the slide itself. In the last view you have a zoom function and can use your stylus to move around the slide. The compression rate of the files is reasonable. It converted a 3,000KB PowerPoint presentation to 720KB.

    The external memory is the SD cards used by the new Palms ("Palm OS 4.0 expansion only" per their web page). I did notice, however, that I can run all of the programs without problems from the memory on my Thinmodem Plus. Previously, it did weird things when I hotsynched like installing all of the applications back on my Plat in internal memory in addition to the module. Of course, I left the data files in internal memory.
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    Docs to go shows the MEMPLUG as an option but does not display anything to add that is in \palm\pidirect. Anybody got a guess as to whether it can work?
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    I upgraded last night - pretty cool! I loaded most of my Docs2Go files onto PiDirect on my MemPlug and they work quickly and flawlessly. I got a little big for my britches and tried to load the D2G application to PiDirect but now get a Fatal Reset when I try to launch it (even after using the restore feature on PiBackup). When I get home from work, I'll just have to Hotsync the D2G app back to my Plat.

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