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    I have been doing some serial cable building attempts.
    So far not very successful, especialy with Bitpim but then I tried to go QPST and I see the phone available.
    But I need the SPC code to program the phone.

    The cuestion is how to get the SPC code without Bitpim?



    I am using the CDMA Firmware upgrade method to get the CDMA NV Backup.pdb which results being 96kb. I open it with WinHex and on the offset 0000F470 is all 000000 zeroes.

    On my second phone CDMA NV Backup shows as 191kb in Filez, but when coped to SD card it will be 97kb.

    Those are Sprint phones. Does the offset of F470 the right one ?
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    Ok I finally got it.
    Using CDMA Workshop program.
    First "Main" tab > Connected >Read
    then "Security" tab > in SPC > Read.

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