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    I recently purchased a protective rubber case and screen covers from eBay. Yes, the price was too good to be true, and I was expecting average quality, but what i received was extremely poor quality.

    Can anyone recommend an affordable online store to purchase these items (and also a car charger)? Are the official items from the Palm store the best in terms of price/quality? I was hoping there was a more affordable third-party with decent quality. Thanks for any help.
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    I like my Signature Case from Case Mate. I think it came with a screen protector. You can fingernail the battery icon, and there's no real intrusion on the keys, yet it seems to protect the phone surprisingly well. In simulation testing, I couldn't lay it down on a flat surface without having some part of the case land first. (On a non-flat surface, like a jutting rock, just about all cases are vlunerable.) I just had a real experience where it fell from my pocket when I was jumping up and down, landing hard on asphalt but with no damage to the case or phone.

    You can also buy a holster with belt clip that accepts the case. I don't have it, but I think I read someone say that theirs popped out of the holster in some situation.
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    I really liked my Signature Case -- problem is the holster clip attachment seems to be a tad on the fragile side -- I've already been through two of them -- each lasted about a month in normal (not hard at all) usage. At an additional about $20 a holster I decided I could no longer afford to continue with the case.

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