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    I have a newlike condition treo 700p, no warranty though. The thing is, I plug the charging adapter in the phone and the red led wont turn on. I wiggle the power connector and it turns on and charges.

    I inspected the inside of the palm multiconnector power pins and they look the same as my other 700, I have disassembled it and examined the soldering of the multiconnector to the treo motherboard and everything is looking fine.

    Took my multimeter and with the treo disassembled, plug in the charger and tested the voltages where the connector is soldered. Pin1 on the positive lead and with the negative multimeter lead checked the rest of the pins 2,3 and 4, all showed 5.2 volts.

    I do not understand where the problem lies.
    Is it something to do with the pin2 Adapter ID ? Maybe that week pull up resistor is bad?

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    I have the same problem with a refurbished 700p. I finally found one cable (a USB-to-Treo retractable) in my trip bag that works dependably, so I'm guessing there is a problem with the tiny connectors in the Treo's female power receptacle. They could be worn or a little out of alignment, just enough to break the connection with most male power plugs. It is hard to tell because I can't see any obvious defects. The power plug seems rather small and poorly designed, not one of Palm's better efforts.
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    I guess I will have to do the same.
    Use a multiconnector and wire it to my charger.
    The charger can output 1amp, and the multiconnector pin 5 (VBUS) which receives power from USB is rated at 0.5amps.
    I guess it wont damage, but I feel the need to ask.

    It is kind of weird this issue. Because I can squeak the palm, without moving the cable, and it will charge.

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    I have red light issues with the usb hotsync cord more so than the charger - but I just wiggle the cord until I get the red light, then try not to touch it until it's done syncing. it's very sensitive - i figured mine was damaged a little...interesting to read about others with same problems...isn't that always the case?
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    I had a similar situation with an old 650 that I had and the problem turned out to be a loose wire inside the connector on the charger, not the treo itself. You had the wiggle the phone and cable a certain way to get it to charge, kind of like aligning rabbit ears on an old TV to get a signal.

    While this may not be the same situation, I would recommend just checking another cable or the synch cable to see if that works better. At least you eliminate one possibility.

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