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    I've recently switched my receiver from a Holux M1000 to a Palm OEM GPS Receiver.

    Everything was working fine until yesterday evening ... I turned on my unit and can't get a signal at all. Left it running for at least 18 hrs now, mobile and stationary.

    I live in Toronto Canada & we had a snowstorm yesterday, but it's all cleared up now and the sky is perfectly blue with sunlight.

    I also tried at the peak of the storm with my iPhone's GPS and no problems at all.

    Any advise or cause of this .... any help will do.

    Pls & Thank you

    edit: here's a Satellite & Radar view taken 12/17/08 @ 11:15
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    Still can't get a signal ... today we have another snowstorm.

    My iPhone's GPS still picks up a signal ... but, my Palm Receiver has nothing.

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