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    Generally, do hard reset can erase all data in RAM and give me a clean device. But sometimes, I found that warm reset is probably cleaner than hard reset. After do warm reset, I cannot turn on bluetooth and cellphone radio, etc. However, after do hard reset, all features of device work well.

    Am I right? Which components in ROM do and do NOT be launched in the warm reset process?


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    I'm pretty sure that (by default on a stock Palm device) after a reset, ALL loadable components in ROM (and RAM) should be "launched" for OS notification UNLESS you use an application to skip loading of specific apps. You could accomplish this with CleanStart by Alex Pruss or UnCache by Dmitry G. I imagine doing some searches on these apps will provide a good bit of info on this subject.

    UPDATE: Sorry, I described a Reset, not a "Warm Reset" above. Warm acts as you cmlx and Alli stated.
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    In fact, I use CleanStart to auto-load very few appl & panl which in ROM, and my device can turn on phone radio and bluetooth correctly, but after doing warm reset, I cannot turn them on, why? Thus, I guess some basic lib cannot be launched when doing warm reset, but I'm not sure about that.

    Another example, I install suntzu's picturesms and suffer a loop reset, even I hard reset my device and re-install this app, my treo 650 also gives me loop reset (right, I customize my ROM files), but when I do warm reset, I can start my device successfully and delete the trouble-maker app. So I think warm reset is cleaner than hard reset.
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    A warm reset is the equivalent of booting into safe mode on your pc. It does not load your connections, just like in safe mode you can't access network settings on your pc. It is perfectly normal. But the warm reset doesn't actually clean anything.
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    Thanks, I know warm reset is similar to safe mode in Windows.

    I use CleanStart to "All Off" RAM & ROM applications and reset, after that I can also turn on my phone radio and bluetooth radio correctly, I'm very curious how warm reset avoid loading my connections? Which components else warm reset avoid to load? What's the differerce between warm reset and "All Off" in CleanStart?

    BTW, even use "All Off", CleanStart will load itself (CreatorID: CSt) and system default launcher (CreatorID: lnch), known that by Email A. Pruss.

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