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    I have an iPhone (1st gen) and a 755p. The iPhone uses AT&T's Edge network and it's pretty slow. My Sprint 755p is faster when browsing the net, but browsing is a better experience on the iPhone. I'd like to connect -or tether?- my iPhone to the Treo when I'm outside of wifi range. Is this possible?
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    Check with PDANet, though I'm not sure if it will do it.

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    I'm pretty sure not, with the iPhone as it is now. it's poor bluetooth stack is pretty crude and the OS doesn't support dialing out like that. I use usbmodem via bluetooth to surf the internet on my tapwave zodiac (palmpda) my ipaq hx2495(wm6.0) my computers and sometimes others devices (like a nokia n810 etc). the easy answer is that the hardware would support it if apple cared :-(
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    I had a very similar situation. I bought an iPod Touch and immediately fell in love with Safari. It is clearly superior to Blazer. However, the iTouch can only connect to the internet via WiFi, which is fine when I’m at home or near a free WiFi hotspot. I travel a lot on business, and a lot of times the internet connection in the room is not wireless, and available only via Ethernet cable, which wouldn’t allow me to connect with my iTouch. Also, sometimes I want to use my Treo 755p as a network connection for my iTouch, as you want to do with your iPhone.

    I solved it with another piece of hardware. I purchased a cradlepoint CTR500 for under $200. When I plug my Treo 755p hotsync cable into its USB port, it immediately recognizes my Treo and utilizes its Sprint EVDO connection and creates a WiFi hotspot. Really cool. As an extra-added bonus, it charges my 755p.

    The CTR500 requires an AC power outlet, so it’s not truly mobile. They also make the CTR350 which is battery-powered. I didn’t choose this one because the CTR350 does not take Ethernet input, but you may not care about this.

    Check out their web site…
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    Hey RJK, I appreciate your help. From what I've been able to gather on the subject, your solution sounds like the direction I'll go. Thanks & Cheers!


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