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    I am looking for a serial sync cable for the Treo 680. Does such a beast exist?

    The reason I want one is that I've got a fully locked windows XP computer at work, and when I try syncing the Treo it is recognized as a WMP (windows media player) device instead of a treo. I know how to fix it, but unfortunately you can not update a driver on a fully locked windows machine. Our tech support refuses to temporarily unlock the machine to allow me to fix the driver, as Treos are considered to be unsupported devices.

    If I could just plug into the serial port, then I don't have to worry about drivers and I'll be able to sync.


    John F
    New York, NY
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    I think you may have missed something.

    This seems to be not a technical issue at all, but a political one.

    There appears to be a policy which prohibits you modifying your desktop environment.

    Just because you can do something, e.g. by finding an obscure serial connector, doesn't mean you are authorised to actually do it. In other words, you might get in trouble for trying. Your IT Department sound unhelpful, but there another approach.

    Find a generally non-technical senior manager, and advise him that your work efficiency is being hamstrung. Present a business case as to why you need it (e.g. saving them $$$ on Blackberry, sales leads etc) and watch how quickly he beats the IT Department into line for a policy exemption.

    You don't want to sync by serial anyway, as your work day will be over before the hotsync is completed each day...

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