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    I just bought a Centro (Sprint) to replace my trusty 700p. I was able to hotsync most of my data from the 700P over to the Centro, but I cannot get my VersaMail folders to show up. I even manually placed the "MultiMail_Messages.PDB" etc. files into the installer, but no joy. I called Palm support and they said my old VersaMail folders were not compatible with my new Centro, which seems kinda silly so I'm thinking maybe we were having a language issue.

    How can I get my old folders onto my new device? Is there a file conversion needed when going from VersaMail 3.5.4 to VersaMail

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    The only thing I can think of is to run the updater on the 700p to get the same version and then you should be able to use nvbackup to backup and selectively restore the VM files on the centro. Just make sure to back up the devices prior to trying (and I'm not talking about just doing a hotsync either. Back it up with a proper backup program like NVBackup or something similar)

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