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    I verizonized it long ago, something fried, so did hard reset, etc. Now one year later, I'm going thru steps to re-verizonize the phone and noticed MSL is 000000, so that's a good sign. I managed to get my ESN number too, another good sign. Confused b/c MIN is my old phone number that the phone came with!!!, not the number that I ported to that phone and used to use it with. I also can't seem to get Chameleon to recognize the phone (spent days trying to). What do I do next? Help? I'm unemployed and need to revive this puppy! Any help is appreciated.
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    Found out phone is back to sprint b/c phone won't recognize verizon *228 command. Chameleon doesn't recognize the phone, what do I do? I've read the instructions dozens of times and can't figure out where I'm missing something......... please help.
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    I could be wrong but I thought sprint and verizon are totally different networks, meaning your phone would only work on one not both networks. Again I could be wrong.

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