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    For some reason, my contacts will not sync to Palm desktop. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all versions but it still fails to get my contacts in there. I need them into Palm Desktop so I can transfer them into another phone (it doesnt work via outlook). I've selected theh Conduit --> Palm Desktop but it got only media and tasks. Anybody know the solution to this? Thanks
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    Cant help with that problem but will ask why Outlook is inadequate for export contacts for another phone? I comma delimited file is a comma delimited file. Just open it in a spreadsheet app and delete the columns you don't need to transfer and save.
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    The other phone does not have access to outlook and is not a Treo. It will only allow me to get my contacts through syncing with Palm Desktop (it's an AT&T Blackberry without Corporate email)
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    no corporate email should not cause a problem with local syncing between the blackberry and outlook.
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    Well as a whole new issue now - my contacts won't even sync into MS Outlook 2003 OR Palm Desktop. I spent 3 hours with live support and they couldnt resolve the issue... actually I didn't go with their solution: Do a hard reset on your phone. Uhm, how the F does that many sense?? I'm trying to get my contacts out of my phone and they're telling me to delete them all. I have no idea how to transfer them out to Palm Desktop or Outlook 2003. It just won't sync!! I've tried 2 different computers now... bla
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    Actually my original subject is incorrect. I can sync calender/contacts into Microsoft Outlook Web Access when I do a wireless sync - NOT OUTLOOK!
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    I would put good money on corrupt databases. Check Tealscan or DBScan.
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    I do not believe it does both. If you sync wirelessly (ActiveSync) with your Exchange server (outlook) it does not sync with the desktop (not even for a backup). See this similar thread.

    Yes, I agree this is stupid.

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