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    I did a a search and could not find this:

    is there a simple site that has ringtones that are not the full song that can be bought individually? My daughter would like to download ringtones without having to use a program to splice them, etc. Thanks in advance for you help!
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    Sorry I don't have an answer for that, but maybe this existing thread on the same topic will lead you to the response you're looking for:

    Good luck!!
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    that site is awesome! thanks!!
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    better site...


    if you choose to customize the song... some will pull up the full song and let u choose the 1 min or less of wherever you want in the whole song.. it's ALL FREE!!!

    Love it!
    (can't post URL since don't have 10 posts).. lol
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    try it let's you create custom ringtones or pick from one's that other's have made. I'm very happy with that site.

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    it is far easier to download music tones... and make your own from your own music
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    Another vote here for MusicTones. Once you get used to using the software it's much easier to create your own.

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