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    I just got around to updating my 680 to the newest firmware update for AT&T (it is a Cingular/AT&T phone). And now two issues have come about.

    1. The battery life has shortened significantly, it was fine for two days and then the battery went from a full bar to being dead in 4 hours on the third day. This is very strange since I made sure all my old settings like turning off bluetooth, turning beam off, making sure all my power settings were like they used to be.

    2. This one surprised me this morning, after charging my phone last night, I tried to turn it on and it wouldn't come on this morning. So I pulled the battery out and once I put it back it the Palm pop-up screen with the black loading bar appeared. Once the loading bar was full, the palm just shut off.

    I, also, haven't been able to hard reset the phone which is kind of strange since I have done it before.

    Please help.
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    Does anyone think that this could be related to a failing battery?

    Any help would be great since I am currently without a cell phone...
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    Any ideas?

    My phone still does the whole automatic shut off when the loading screen appears with the Palm logo...

    The phone only had a few numbers saved in it and no applications installed. I can't understand why this would randomly happen.

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