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    I am planning on doing a diet that requires eating 6 small meals a day.
    On top of that I have to put prescription drops in my eyes for the next 2 weeks every 4 hours.

    Ok so i am looking for a program where each day you can set an intermittent alarm variable... for example... 3 hours and then the alarm goes off at the 3 hour mark. then when i hit "reset" or something it would go off again 3 hours later.

    the reason it would not work at fixed 3 hour intervals is i wake up at different times during the week so the start time would differ and of course you never know how long it can take to actually eat or prep a meal and so you dont know when the next 3 hour period will take.

    is there any app that allows this type of fucntion or close to it
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    If you don't mind a paid app - palmary clock can do what you need and then some.
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    You could do that in Calendar (you can set repeating events)
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    If I understand it, you want the events to not be at a fixed frequency but at a fixed time from the last completion of the last one.

    I would suggest freeware BigClock (It must be this version 2.83t to work on later Treos). You can set it's 2 timers to the required time intervals and simply press Reset and Start when you are ready to start the next interval on the appropriate timer. You could even name the timers eg Meals & Eye Drops.

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