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    Often I get a call while on another call, and I tell the first person I will call them back and answer the 2nd. But the 2nd call never drops, it just sits there with the timer counting away. My only option seems to be to 'hang up all'.. Any way to just drop the 1?
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    If the 2nd caller hangs up, it will stay on the screen and give the appearance of a live call, but you won't be charged minutes.

    If you are talking to the 2nd caller and you wish to end the 2nd call and return to the 1st caller, just tap the red phone button (do not use the on screen option of hanging up). This will appear to disconnect both callers, but in 10-12 seconds you will hear a ring from unknown caller, and be reconnected with the first call.
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    This all applies to CDMA Treos (Verizon/Sprint). The GSM phones do not have this problem.

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