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    I have a generic electrical adapter that takes a USB cable connected to a Palm device, T3 in my case. I would like to use that adapter with the USB cable that came with the 755p. Of course I don't want to fry my 755p and I can't find the power requirements anywhere. The adapter puts out 12volts DC, 400mAmps, 3.6Watts. Maybe someone has a similar adapter for their 755p, can read its output and post here? Verizon phone. Thanks. thorne

    UPDATE - Looked around and found other wall chargers that claim to output 1Amp so I guess 400mAmp may take longer to charge the 755p battery.

    DUH! MY brain just woke up. I have a 755p so I looked on my wall charger: 5.2V, 1Amp. SO... a question for the electricians out there... Can I plug in a charger that outputs 12vdc, 400mA to a 755p?
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    No - trying to put 12vdc into a unit that accepts a max of 5.2V is a no no.

    5.2V means 5.2vdc - it is just another way of saying it - more correct is vdc as it means "volts direct current", since V could be vac which means "volts alternating current".
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