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    I tried doing a hard reset on my palm treo 700p (should this be on that forum?) and the screen is stuck at the setup part where it wants me to tap the target on the screen with my stylus.

    The touch portion of the screen wasn't working before the hard reset, so I'm guessing it still isn't. However, there were tons of things that *were* working, and I'd like to get back to them. Any thoughts on how to get past this setup screen?
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    It might just be a simple issue of lint under the edge of the screen. Check out these two threads for a cool trick using a Post-It note:

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    Try a warm reset, I've done that on Treo's with cracked screens.
    Press & hold Up key while pressing and releasing the reset button, keep holding up until you get to the Date & Time screen (I think, IIRC).
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    Thank you both for your help! I was not able to fix the screen with the post-it note trick (though that made a ton of sense and I'll definitely use that in the future).

    The warm reset at least got me off the stylus tapping page, so that is exciting!

    My Treo, however, appears to be fried. I do see the phone screen, but it won't turn the phone on, messaging freezes it up again, etc. etc. Oh well, it's been a wonderful ride. Palm has spoiled me for a keypad *and* a touchscreen all in one phone. It will be hard to live without.

    Thank you for your help here, I appreciate it very much!
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    A warm reset is like safe mode on your computer, the radio and bluetooth won't work. Do a soft reset, it should power on after that.

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