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    I have a Treo 680 and use the standard VersaMail (v. 3.5.5).

    After I do a mass delete of e-mails, the unit becomes sluggish. By sluggish I mean it is slow to respond to certain buttons and to the touchscreen, specifically in the mail program. When I touch the e-mail button, it takes a second or two (seems interminable while you are waiting) for the screen to change to the VersaMail program. Once in the program, there is a noticable delay to open an email, switch between emails, etc.

    I do several reboots to no avail. After some time, meaning days, the unit magically functions okay and I have no reason why.

    I am getting ready to need to mass delete emails again and I am hoping to have a plan so as to address the sluggishness when it occurs again.
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    what happens if you have it Empty Trash?
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    Not sure what you mean.

    My issue occurs after I delete emails in my inbox.
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    when you delete emails from your inbox, they simply get transferred to the trash folder. There is a setting to have the trash folder empty immediately, after X days or not at all. There is also a menu item to manually empty the trash folder.

    Give it a try and see if it corrects the problem.

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