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    Is there an app that allows me to play on-hold music over the line when I put someone on hold?
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    That's an interesting idea. I dont know if being on hold has any network component to it - probably not. If not, then the phone could play music instead of the usual silence.

    My company uses Cisco phones and has hold music. If someone is on a conference call and puts the call on hold instead of muting, the conference call becomes unusable as the music is playing and you cant contact the person to get them to turn it off. So there is an element of 'be careful what you wish for".
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    I'm almost certain there is no network component to it.

    I know that windows mobile has a app that can do this
    Palm Centro (VZW)
    W/ 1GB SDHC
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    This totally doesnt make sense for using with a cell phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    This totally doesnt make sense for using with a cell phone.
    Why not? I use my cell as my business line for my own business and if I had to put someone on hold I would love to do this.
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    I agree. This is a very compelling feature. For those who would need this, it's indispensable. For those scratching their heads, not so much.
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    If anyone can figure out how to do this, it's probably the authors of call-recording software such as mVoice and CallRec. The two problems look related to me. Now, whether or not it's feasible is another story. I think that it may require a sort of simulated hold mode.

    I doubt that anyone would be willing to invest the necessary development time at this point in the PalmOS's life cycle.

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